Construction Update, November 10, 2015

Sidewalk Construction

Starting in the next two weeks, the MPO’s contractor, Owen-Ames-Kimbell (OAK), will construct sidewalks along your street in San Carlos Park.

Sidewalks will be constructed along the following locations:
Constitution Circle (Iris Constitution Blvd. to Sanibel Blvd.) – east side
Sanibel Blvd. (Iris Road to Lee Rd.) – south side
Iris Road (Constitution Circle to Sanibel Blvd) – east side
Constitution Blvd. (US 41 to Constitution Cr.) – south side (completed)
Lee Road (Sanibel Blvd. to Alico Rd.) – east side (nearing completion)

To construct the sidewalks, Lee County right-of-way will be used. Over the years various items such as irrigation, landscaping, fences, decorative walls and vehicles have been placed within the County’s right-of-way near the roadway. Anything located in the right-of-way area must be removed within the next week to avoid damage by the contractor. If you have questions where the right-of-way is located please contact the project team at the email or phone number below.

To ensure a smooth connection to the sidewalks, some driveways will be replaced between the roadway and new sidewalk. Driveways designated for replacement will require them to be closed for approximately three to five days. The contractor will notify homeowners prior to driveway work taking place.

The majority of the work will take place outside of the travel lanes and within Lee County right-of-way. Limited lane closures are expected. While every effort will be made to minimize impacts, residents and businesses may experience temporary inconvenience.

During construction, please ensure safety by maintaining a safe distance from construction areas and discourage children from approaching construction equipment.